Quality control

5009-2 PortarrolloFrom the first moment, MTM Disseny, we believe that the quality and design of the goods and services supplied by us, are inseparable from the competition, making it the “Quality” essential to our success.

Thus, aware of the role of Quality and the advantages it would bring to the company, has implemented a “Quality Management System” which ensures that the activities of design, technology development, manufacturing and marketing of our bathroom accessories are made in accordance with standards established by the Directorate of the Company.



This “Quality Management System” includes three pillars:

1 – Quality of raw materials used.
2 – Quality of the manufacturing process.
3 – Quality of customer service.

This strong commitment to quality, and ultimately, for a job well done, has generated processes and work patterns that make it possible to respond quickly to customer needs, optimizing our resources and enhancing our competitiveness. That’s why all our products are guaranteed for manufacturing two years.

And we follow our “Quality Management System” also require our suppliers for their quality certifications.


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