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Quattro Collection by MTM Disseny

MTM Disseny al5010 Toallero 20 cmways in constant evolution and buscando the balance between aesthetics and technology has created collections of design with a toque diferente the rest of the goods. The Quattro collection, elegant and innovative, has a light with a design that surprised us for its high quality and its forms cuadradas final. This is a new design concepts. This new model is manufactured completely in brass, asegurando enormous durability and resistance to water.


MTM Dissseny. Enjoy the elegance of the bathroom with the best quality

2021 PortarrolloThere are elements of our home that are indispensable for our lives, we must take care of them because they are part of our routine and we must treat them with the responsibility they deserve.
And when we talk about the bathroom, we are talking about our daily encounter with personal cleanliness and with our previous entry to take our sleep and start the routine with the necessary batteries that are required, to start a new day.
That is why we can not have any equipment in our bathrooms and we always need the best quality with us.
MTM Disseny has been manufacturing bathroom accessories for more than 30 years and always with the best quality and service. All our products are manufactured in our facilities in Barcelona, and pass our rigorous quality test.

The dilemma of decorating your bathroom

The bathZeusroom is one of the most used rooms of the home daily. A great decoration will make this place a more pleasant and livable. Everything depends on the type of bathroom you have and the space you have, it is not the same to decorate a very spacious bathroom, to do it for a small size. The spacious bathrooms allow everything, however small bathrooms need to take advantage of space without overloading.

The decoration that suits us, depends on many factors, although you have to take into account that knowing how to take advantage of the light is a plus. And in relation to the bathroom space, mirrors and screens also play a very important role, as they give an optical sensation that gives more space to the room. Once the furniture and sanitary ware have been placed, the final touch is always provided by the bathroom accessories, since they are elements that are dispersed in the bathroom, thus completing the final sensation of the decoration.

At MTM Disseny we have different collections that can solve this dilemma. Enjoy the elegance of the bathroom with the best design and quality.


Quality control

5009-2 PortarrolloFrom the first moment, MTM Disseny, we believe that the quality and design of the goods and services supplied by us, are inseparable from the competition, making it the “Quality” essential to our success.

Thus, aware of the role of Quality and the advantages it would bring to the company, has implemented a “Quality Management System” which ensures that the activities of design, technology development, manufacturing and marketing of our bathroom accessories are made in accordance with standards established by the Directorate of the Company.



This “Quality Management System” includes three pillars:

1 – Quality of raw materials used.
2 – Quality of the manufacturing process.
3 – Quality of customer service.

This strong commitment to quality, and ultimately, for a job well done, has generated processes and work patterns that make it possible to respond quickly to customer needs, optimizing our resources and enhancing our competitiveness. That’s why all our products are guaranteed for manufacturing two years.

And we follow our “Quality Management System” also require our suppliers for their quality certifications.

Bathroom Accessoires without drill

Our company also manufactures bathroom accessories with adhesive. They are complements for bathrooms without drill. We uS-1009 Portarrollose the first brand in adhesives as it is 3M, special adhesive that resists even with moisture. Therefore we have a clean and efficient system to place our accessories. Our collections are also functional, modern and current designs.

Fast, comfortable and easy to put without boring the wall.

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